The purpose of the 944 Cup is to provide a budget minded race series for the front engine Porsche while at the same time offering several options for car preparation and performance. There are three 944 Cup classes: classifieds in the PCA Rule Book as SP1, SP2, and SP3.

The SP1 class is designed to allow the minimum modifications to the stock configuration of the 944 and 924S model equipped with a 2.5L motor.

The SP2 class is designed for all normally aspirated eight (8) valve front engine Porsches, with the exception of also including the turbo powered 2.0L model (931), and provide for modifcations to the suspension and body beyond that permitted by SP1.

The SP3 class is designed primarily for higher horsepower cars such as the sixteen (16) valve normally aspirated and turbo equipped front engine Porsches.

For each Class, allowed modifications for each category of car and corresponding minimum weights are described in detail in the rules with a link provided below. The 944 Cup rules also include by rule all PCA B, C , E and F class front engine Porsches, SCCA ITS 944's, and all NASA 944 Specs cars are also eligible, along with many NASA GTS1 and GTS2 cars.


The full set of  2018 rules is available within the PCA Club Racing Rules as a pdf via 944 Cup Rules.