944 Cup Decals

944 Cup Windshield Banners

Racers in the 944 Cup classes, SP1, SP2, and SP3, are required to display a 944 Cup windshield banner. Racing in the 944 Cup classes will be eligible to win a 944 Cup Regional or National championship and to win trophies and sponsor prizes. Each of the 3 Cup classes has a unique color coded banner used a class identifier, as shown below in the following order SP2, SP3 and SP1.

To order a banner, go to: 944 Cup Banners . Banners are $25 each including shipping in the CONTUS. Specify your Cup class: SP1, SP2 or SP3.


944 Cup Decals

Order now online for your race car, street car, truck or trailer. Each decal is identical to the logo at the top of this page and as displayed on the front fender of the car pictured below. 

Sold in 4 solid colors: red, black, white. and blue. Decals are sold in pairs. They are available for purchase directly from the Series using the button below, just select your color and click Buy Now.  Not required to race in the series.

Please use the Contact Us link if you experience any difficulties. Will ship only to the U.S.


 944 Cup Car Number Decals

944 Cup car number decals for $49.95 per pair, shipping included. Not required to race in the series.

Purchase direct from Solo Performance Specialities. Order online: http://www.sccaregiongear.com/944-Cup-Number-Panel-18x20-pair_p_917.html